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Hot Dog: The Movie

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Hey folks! I'm the new guy. I've been enjoying this forum for awhile now and I thought I'd have a little fun for my first post! This question was posted by me on another forum last year and then the format was changed and it was erased... so here goes again.

What is your favorite scene in "Hot Dog: The Movie"? Mine is near the end when the boys decide that the Chinese Downhill is the only way to settle their dispute. If you watch closely, the guy with the army fatigues and the iron ball on his hand takes a swing at one of the good guys and hangs a downie. He high-sides on flat terrain and pulls the full-on mackeral slap. The scene only lasts for about 1/2 a second, but what a beauty crash. I can feel my spleen twitch every time I see it. Great fall, I love it!

Anyway, I'm glad to be involved here and I hope to learn even more on this site. Everyone seems to be super. (SCSA and Lisa marie need to calm themselves, though. haha)

Spag's Tip of the week: NEVER fry bacon naked.
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Hey Spag,

Just wanted to say hello. Oh yeah, we got it worked out.

Anyway, I'm out. Can't remember. Probably saw "Hotdog" but that was zillions of brain cells ago.

My favorite ski movie is downhill racer - it's so me.

later -
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Hi Spag, walcome to the forum!

I'm moving this over to the general ski forum since it is not an instructional topic (we try to keep things tidy over here.) click here to go over there: General Ski Discussion

As for Hot Dog -- I'd vote for "Not on zis side, not on zat side, but right in ze middle."<FONT size="1">

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