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Can boots be too upright?

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I posted this in the general forum but have not recieved any replies. Figured I'd ask the pros too.

I'm trying to figure out what the downside is in boots with a very upright stance. Based on all the reading I have done, someone with limited dorsiflexion should be in an upright, stiff boot.

Due to some health issues and very tight calves, my dorsiflexion is VERY limited. I have a pair of Kryptons which I have been using in the middle setting. This is still much more upright than my previous Langes (even without the spoiler).

If I remove the spacers completely, it will be 4 degrees more upright. Feels weird in the living room. If I ski them this way, what should I be looking for?

If it matters, all of my skis are mounted with Head/Tyrolia bindings.
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The short answer to your post is----Yes, boots can be too upright---consider adding a heel lift in the boots you now have to open up your ankle joint.  This will give you the ability to move your knee further forward before your heel pulls up out of the bottom of the boot.----Boot size?---shoe size(length of foot in cm)?---Calf circumference at the top of the liner?
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Street shoe size is 11.5, boot size is 28.0.  326mm sole length. Foot in CM is about 28.6cm (I'm not sure exactly where I should be measuring in the back). Calf measurement is 31CM.
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Measure your calf circumference with the boot on and the tape measure just touching the top of the liner in the rear(use a 1/4 inch wide tape measure).  The heel lift (try a 1/2 heel lift) will help eliminate the need to move the shell to a more upright position.  It is possible the boot is one size to large, try shell sizing the boot as described in the WIKI at the top of "Ask the boot guy's"
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My calf measured 32.5cm at the point you described. Shell fit is ok. I have about 19-20mm behind my heel. My prior boots had a little less, required lots of work and I never really had any toe room causing lots of pain.

I am not having any problems with the heel lifting, I'm just not sure I'm forward enough. If I use a 1/2" lift should I move the cuff to the most forward position or leave it in the middle?

My concern with raising the heel is that as my leg moves up and out of the shell it will be harder to snug everything down. I have had problems with some shin bang.
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The heel lift will move your balance forward more onto your met heads.  Not sure where you have forward lean set but, try moving it forward also.  You could change this on the hill and get quick feed back so as to determine which worked best.  Carry the different forward lean shims with you in your parka.
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