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I reported a while ago about how I am so cheap and did not want to replace my ragged Hestra gloves. Unfortunately, one of them has gone to it's resting place somewhere in a parking lot outside HV.   I think it fell out of the car as I was packing up to leave and I did not notice it was missing until I got home. Unfortunately, it has one of my Leki straps attached to it and I am now without one for the left hand.

Searching online, I found that most places that manage to carry the Trigger S straps want $35-$40. I commented in another thread about how skiing has become rediculously expensive in some regards and this is a classic symptom. $40 for a nylon strap????  You've got to be kidding me !

Anyways, has anyone rigged up their own straps? I am sure it would be relatively easy. The trick is just to have a loop somewhere near the palm. I certainly can spend the money and it won't bankrupt me but this is a matter of principle. I am not paying $40 for a nylon strap. You can buy a new pair of poles with the strap for only $80.