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Upright Stance boots.

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I'm trying to figure out what the downside is in boots with a very upright stance. Based on all the reading I have done, someone with limited dorsiflexion should be in an upright, stiff boot.

Due to some health issues and very tight calves, my dorsiflexion is VERY limited. I have a pair of Kryptons which I have been using in the middle setting. This is still much more upright than my previous Langes (even without the spoiler).

If I remove the spacers completely, it will be 4 degrees more upright. Feels weird in the living room. If I ski them this way, what should I be looking for?

If it matters, all of my skis are mounted with Head/Tyrolia bindings.
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To upright could through you in the back seat a lot quicker, or worse, just keep you in the back seat depending on the way you ski.  I don't know how or what you ski, but I think you know the danger of being in the back seat on bumps or steeps. 

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Interesting question.

I would think that if you had limited dorsiflexion, then a boot with a lot of forward lean would be difificult to deal with, without heel lifts or something.

I could see how too upright and too stiff would be a problem, as you wouldn't be able to flex the boots and get your hips forward. Too much forward lean and you might always be on your heels.The optimal blend of stifness, ramp, and forward lean varies with each person, I guess. Maybe the guys in the bootfitter forum can give some input.
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Next years boots for many models will be made more upright by 4 degrees. the concept is that current models of skis are designed for a neutral, mid, or centered stance. so you're just ahead of the times.
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