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Durango Ski Areas?

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We are planning a ski trip to Telluride in March, and have booked flights to Durango for best fares.  In addition to Telluride, I see that there are other ski areas as well, such as Purgatory.  Also, how are is Wolf Creek from Durango.

Looking for advice as to whether we should focus our entire ski trip in Telluride, or include other resorts.

If skiing other resorts are suggested, can you share anything about these resorts as to why we should consider skiing them too? 


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What? No Ski Hesperus? http://ski-hesperus.com/ 
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I live in Durango and  ski Telluride, Silverton Mt., Wolf Creek, and DMR/Purgatory.  Your post does not mention who "we" are but, compared to Telluride, DMR and Wolf Creek are probably not worth the side trips.  Wolf Creek is fun on a powder day if you are prepared to do some hiking, but it is only about 1,200 vertical and close to 2 hours from Durango (1.5 hr. from Dgo Airport, and 2.5 from DMR) in the opposite direction from T-ride.

DMR is strictly intermediate, and IMO not worth a side trip.  If you have good skiers you might want consider a trip to Silverton Mountain.   In March it is still guided skiing only ($129/day), plus you need an avi beacon, shovel and probe, so if you do not have them that is an extra rental cost.  If you do it from T-ride you may need to drive over the night before. OTOH, now that Telluride has opened all the new hike-to terrain you can get some pretty good high altitude steep stuff there.
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Last February I skied 4 Durango area resorts, one day each.  Durango (Purgatory), Silverton, Telluride, and Wolf Creek.  All were fun, but I'd have to say my favorite by far was Telluride. 
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Thanks for the replies.  We are a group of 4 adults, (2 advanced skiers, 2 intermediate).  From what I've read so far, looks like we should stick to Telluride.
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