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Cold weather wax question...

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I am new to tuning and have a question about using cold temp wax (sub 15F/-10C temp):

Do / should I put some warmer wax (like Swix CH/LF6) as the "base" then add CH/LF4 type wax on top?

Or should I simply remove old wax per normal (scape then hot wax/scrape) then iron on the CH/LF4 wax?

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If you hot-wax-scrape with a warm wax or used a warmer wax the last time, it certainly wouldn't hurt to transition with the 6 before adding the 4.  You will get better absorption with the 6 and make the base more receptive to the 4 while also building a colder reserve of wax deeper in the base.
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Thanks for the tips & clarifications Marc!
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