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Atomic Drive Series

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Has anyone tried out the new Atomic Drive series ski's...?

I just got a pair of Drive 9 Titaniums and wondering what others think.

Many thanks...
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so nobody has heard of or used this ski???
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As somebody else said in another thread about another pair of comparable skis, the people who have demo'ed (or owned) the broadest spectrum of skis and have the most qualified opinions to share will not have bothered with those.  Those people would be hardcore enthusiasts and are powerful, expert skiers.  Those skis would be too "intermediate" for them.

Therefore, people mostly discuss advanced-to-expert skis here, and being that the forum is rich in that sort of information, other people who derive their purchasing info from here would end up buying from that subset as well.  Sorry, that's just the way things are.

That said, why don't you have your own opinion about them?  Didn't you try them (demo) and comparable models before you committed?  If you did, you can share your opinion to help out the next person who might be considering those.

And I'm sure you've already found this review, right?

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It is a line of ski, Atomic droped, to develope the D2 line. They were craving skis.
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I have a pair of Drive 9s.
Got them at the end of last season. Tried them a little then but gave them a real run when I skied for 10 days in Wagrain, Austria this January.
Absolutely love them. They have taken my skiing to the next level and helped me improve my  technique a lot. Would certainly recommend for a level 6-7 skier like myself.
Got them for roughly 330$ on ebay last march. Fantastic deal. Retailed last season for approx. 800$ in europe.
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