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THE LOST SKIIS...go vintage or go home!

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I am looking for other like minded folks who have a passion for the past...and the thighs to be able to turn those big heavy ski's.
I am an Authier fan mainly but have put the turn on many a vintage ski.
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i just joined today and posted a thread looking for info on yamaha downhill skis. over the past 2 years i have found 5 sets in good to mint shape. i raced motocross and my bike was a yamaha. i still ride yamaha snowmobiles, so when i found yamaha skis, i had to have them. my post is being held for moderation. i don't ride the yamahas, i ride 2009 fischer rc4 worldcup rc in a 180cm and a never summer 168cm snowboard. i have been in the sport for over 30 years (39 years old). thought i was in the know on skis. i was floored when i found my first pair of yamaha racer skis with cubco bindings. i figured i could goto the net and find info. no such luck. the only occasional info i find is from someone selling a pair on craigslist. if you have any info that would be great. not looking to sell, just wanna know what i have.
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 Hey man,  I don't know if you will see this but I have a pair of the white yamaha race skis too, and have always wanted to know more about them.  I found them at a salvage store, about $2.  I have skied them a number of times.  They are heavy and shaped like a 2"x4".  Because of that, all they want to do is go straight down the hill really fast.  They are really super fast skis.  They are actually pretty fun to ski for a few runs.  Then I always end up switching out.  Also, they start to hurt my legs if there is no leg rest on the lift. Let me know if you have found anything else.  Also, if you collect them, there is a red pair of yamaha skis on ebay right now. 


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they were made as a cosmetic copy of the kneissl white star, thus the white with black trim, the yamaha star replacing the 5 point of the kneissl star. at the time it was doubtful that they had much going, except for the blatant graphic rip off. now, 30 plus years, they have far less 'going'. classic skis do not have any of the appeal of classic cars or motorcycles. just all bad stuff. let it go. it's over. actually, it never happened, except for people with no experience, willing to pay less for a kneissl looking knock off.

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