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Ski recommendations for ex-racer - not up on recent gear!

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Hi. Looking for some advice. I'm a 43 year old male, 6'2", 210lbs. Raced until age 18. Expert skier (top 1-2% of almost anyplace I've been...though not in condition I used to be when I skied 80 days a year). Ski in upstate NY (Ellicottville) as near home, usually spend a week out west at places like Big White, Sun Peaks or Kicking Horse (friend lives in Okanagan). I'm an aggressive skier, but the type who'd rather make a ton of turns down the side of a trail then crank huge turns at speed (as if you can on our local hills....), but I'll do it all when out west including bowls, moguls and occasional off-piste. In the straight ski days I [referred a slalom race ski but obviously times have changed. Have used some hand-me-downs from my dad (who teaches) past few years - Salomon Xscremes from maybe 8 years ago (early shaped ski era) and some 168cm Blizzard Supersports now (probably about 5 years old). I think I want a "frontside carver" type of ski but one that won't totally suck for other conditions out west (or maybe an all-mountain ski that does tight turns on hard stuff decently). Welcome any thoughts on ski and lengths.
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In the Head line try the Supershape Magnum.  Demo in 163 for turny or 170 for cruisy version.  Suggest you try both.

I am basically same height and weigh bit more and ski these in 163 last year and previus year.  Is 71mm waist so a bit wider than a slalom which makes more versatile in crud and other ungroomed conditions.  Is sandwhich constructiion ver similar to the Worldcup iSL so skis a lot like a race ski.

Other manufacturers have similar types of skis.  I would start with the Magnum and then try the others.  Salomon has a new 71 mm ski this year (something 24 I believe) and people skiing on it are raving about it - try it as well.

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Thanks. Think the Salomon is the 24hr Equipe. Also read good things about Blizzard Supersonics. I'm realizing skis aren't as easy to shop for as they were in the "good" old days!
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doc, skis are easy enough to shop for now-a-days. have fun with it.

Every company makes a good combination frontside,backside ski, brand names don't mean a lot. Demensions and sidecut and stiffness do. You establish those parameters and look at comparable skis from various brands.

You're probably looking for something mid-80s at the waist. Fairly stiff. Sidecut is something you have to look into. notice the difference subtracting the waist demension from the tip demension. same for the tail. that tells you something about turn radius and performance.

Construction is another performance factor, wood core or not, metal layers or not, cap or sandwich construction.

These are things to consider above brand.
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Strongly considering Dynastar Contact 4x4. Not sure re length, local shop suggests 178 and Dynastar's website suggests 182 for my size. Welcome any thoughts. I can get a decent deal online on 178's.
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Pulled the trigger on 09 Contact 4x4 in 178 with PX14Ti bindings. Eagerly looking forward to trying them out.
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