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Hey, Rusty

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You asked about tips to keep your hand from dropping and my post about that got lost so here it is again.

First, a pole drag exercise. What you want to do is keep the tip of the inside pole on the snow surface in front of a radial line from your boot to the center of the turn. This forces the hand up and forward. I once had a fierce inside hand dropping problem. Keeping this exercise in the back of my mind for a ski season and using it at every opportunity had other trainers commenting that my inside hand might be a little to high in my turns.

Without poles use your hand to mimic what the inside ski is doing. Also, let the hand lead the foots movement.

Move the hand forward and up and then dive the hand into the new turn. Forget about keeping the arms quiet for this exercise and really drive forward and up.

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First of all thanks. I'll bet you your issue wasn't as bad as mine is!

I skied yesterday again with Bob B. I think we have tried almost everything at one point or another. We have done a great many runs with "pole boxes" and yes they seem to help.

My problem is most acute in bumps. I made one run yesterday where we saw improvement so I'm encouraged. We did some video and I'll try to get it poted here.

Again, thanks for the ideas. I had never realized till now what an impact it has on my bump skiing and/or turns in crud.
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