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Hey all, Currently have K2 PE's (for the last 3yrs) and although they are too small for me (5'8" / 175lbs - ski is 164cm) I really enjoy them as they are a true all mountain jack of all trades and master of none. I demo'ed Line Prophet Flites (172cm) the last two days (east coast but on fresh powder (4"-8") and groomers. I liked the Flites a lot and they seemed lighter than my K2's even though they were longer, held an edge nicely and were rather stable at speed.  I like these skis and size better than my K2's.  I am seriusly considering these skis but am worried that the prophet 90's would be better than the flites.  I wont have a chance to demo the prophet 90's.  So my experience is the K2 PE and now the Line Prophet Flites (slight nod to the flites over the PE's) but need some frame of reference / advice on the Prophet 90's.  I have read the P90's are stiffer due to the extra metal, heavier, and less forgiving but excel on the east coast and are all mountain all everything single quiver ski (what I am looking for).

I am an intermediate / expert and spend my time on the east coast but do a trip or two to Breck and Vail every year.  I can ski everything well but stay out of the bumps (knee pain) and really enjoy faster downhill runs as opposed to perfect carving form.

Can anyone advise what would be my best bet?  P90's or Prophet Flites or maybe the new PE's (Extremes).

Thanks in advance