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Yeah, I take that approach, when doing the Ridges and Bridges thing. At Mount Snow in particular, they made me do a lot of bumps, and I loved following others very closely, just taking their line. It was then effortless, as my mental issues were just removed from the equation.
It's funny because i'm definitely NOT a visual learner, but just sticking on their heels and taking their route I found everything to be easy-peasy.

Ambush at Keystone always defeated me though, especially the day our trainer got us to ski it without poles. I snowploughed it!
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even more wacky ant - I am told I ski better in bumps without my poles (as long as they are not HUGE)
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My goal in the bumps is to not cut across too much, I hate when I start to do it. Keeping the tips down helps a lot with that, standing up straighter helps too. I try to practice as much as possible on the less steep stuff, when its around. Problem is, most of the moguls are on the steep, icy pitches. This might be a reason why I spend a fortune every year coming out west, nothing beats real snow.
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