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MA Please

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Really bad resolution. Equally bad skiing. I thought I was a fairly decent skier before I saw this video. I leave it in your hand now.
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you remember this post?

 cause for loss of edge grip

from most common to least common

dull edges 
doesnt move there hips with there skis
too much edging to fast 
banking turns
pivots then edges instead of edging then pivots
uses upper body rotation 

basically all of the above except I dont know how sharp your skis are.

there is alot going on there some good, alot more bad. all of the bad is pretty much listed above. IMO for your original problem banking your turns and being aft in your balance are your biggest issues for not being able to ski ice well.

by banking I mean you shoulders lean into the turn instead of staying level with the slope. try moving your shoulders to the outside of the turn this should help find your edges, FYI moving your shoulders to the outside will actually have you end up with level shoulders.
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Yeah, I saw the shoulders and was mortified. "Being aft" is being the backseat, right? I'll try the shoulder thing next time. I think I need some pole plant 101 also. Thanks for those pointers.

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Not all bad, you are moving forwards and you are turning . Im in a hurry but here some quick thaughts. Your problem IMO is that you are not using your hips the right way. You are so called rotating your hips out in the turn. Look how your outside ski skidds out every turn. And there is a very abrupt turning movement as well. You do all of your turning past apex. You are banking. Skidding. Square stance. All kinds of bad stuff. Try to start carving. Tips Go In First. Search the forum or go to PSIA web pages for demo. Start your turn early before apex. Then let your skis do the turning. Just balance the forces. When it gets steeper or you want to seriously over ride the turn radius start turning with your feet, not before. Level your shoulders, that will drive your hips into the turn also called angulation. Dont plant your poles at all. Learn to ski without a pole plant. Then introduce it back into your skiing the right way. You should keep your arms out wider and plant more down hill. More of an open plant, not forwards near the tips of your skis. And yes, forward. What skis are you on?
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I think I did see that post about TGIF. I'll have to actually read it this time :) Thanks. The skis are Volkl 320, I'm not sure how old they are. I've had them for about 4 years now.

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PS, first, let me apologize for my ignorance. After 4 years of using the same boots I discovered, only last night, that there are settings on them that I hadn't noticed before. There's a hex setting for "High, Medium & Low" that's currently set all the way back. Could this setting be a partial cause for the backseat stance? There's also a "Flex" setting at the back that's set to "hard". Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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Change the boot's for/aft flex setting to "Soft" to allow ankle movement.
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I had a chance to practice a little yesterday. It seemed much harder than I had anticipated. Perhaps it's getting used to the flex setting on my boots. Anyway, I got a few good runs in. I'm still scrapping a lot.

The biggest issues I'm having is what to do at the end of the turn. I'm charging down the hill then tilting my ankles, arcing over to one side. That part works fine. Now if I tilt my ankles back the other way when my skis are about a 45 degrees with the fall line I seem to be doing fine. But if I continue the arc I am skidding when I am almost perpendicular to the fall line. Perhaps I'm leaning back too far.
However it rained in PA yesterday and I was skiing for a while in the rain. I was able to do nice arcs in the wet snow. I'm not sure what that means.
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 I was able to do nice arcs in the wet snow.

Easier to edge skis in soft snow it is forgiving,not so much on hard snow.

What I see from your video is dropping your inside hand which rotates your upper body. Upper body quiet/Lower body moves. Take your poles cross them in front of you and hold on to them w/ both hands like a bar. Keep the bar level to the slope and in front of you.
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