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Looking for new twin tips

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I need some help, I am looking to buy knew skis and i want a pair of twin tips. I would like to know what are the best i can get for about $500 or less, I ski on the east coast so the snow is hard packed near where I live but, I enjoy skiing the pow when I can. Also I really like riding the Park alot doing jumps, rails, and boxes. So basically I am looking for a twin tip that can do everything well.
I am 6 feet tall 200 pounds

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I have been thinking about the:

K2 Extreme's - http://k2skis.com/skis/factory/extreme

Armada El Rey's - http://www.armadaskis.com/product/skis/el_rey.php

Volkl Bridge - http://www.volkl.com/ski/skifinder/skis/free-bridge.php

Volkl Ledge - http://www.volkl.com/ski/skifinder/skis/free-ledge.php

or the Volkl Wall - http://www.volkl.com/ski/skifinder/skis/free-wall.php.....Anyone have any suggestions on what to get out of those skis or a different ski I did not mention
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Not the Bridge- not for the east.
I would sell you HARD on the k2 Extremes- just had them out today at Blue Mt., PA- ice capital- and they really carve quite well for twins.

I'd definitely go with them, paired with Marker Griffons or PX12.

The Ledge, Wall, AND Bridge can't even come close to the Extremes on ice, and I've skied all three.  

Another ski you should look at, though is the Line Prophet 90 or Prophet Flite.  Both handle ice well and are lighter than the Extreme, if that's an issue.
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Atomic Snoop Daddys. Older version has 88mm underfoot and the newer one has 92mm (I think) but anyways they rock. Atomics well known for their tenacious edge grip and with the light weight and soft flex they can handle a variety of terrain.  Powder, crud, groomers and ice as long as your edges are sharp and stay on top of them. Check 'em out, and reviews online, mine are beat from so much use but they rip!
I would also recommend Line Afterbangs. Very durable but perhaps designed more towards park skiing.
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I love the Prophet 90 but I'm not thinking "park" when on those.  The LINE Blend is more park friendly. 
Asking for the bigger POWDER ski and a park ski makes me wonder if you really aren't from the "east" but rather from "The land of wishful thinking!"  Of course the narrower twins are still pretty wide which gives you versatility compared to older skis. 
The question becomes wide open without a width constraint.

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The Prophet 90 really can handle park, but I guess your right- if he's looking for a park/groomers ski rather than powder/groomers, the k2 Extreme would probably be the way to go.
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Ok, so from what the responses K2 extremes seem the way to go for what I want to do. So I will be going with those and picking up a pair pretty soon. Thanks for all your guys help!
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Honestly your best bet will be to pick up a pair of Volkl Bridges.  I sell both the K2 Extreme and the Bridge, here is why the Bridge would be a better option for what you are looking to do.  The over all flex of that ski is stiffer both torsionally and laterally, resulting in a ski that will perform much better at higher speeds and on hard pack.  Even though the Bridge is 92mm's oppose to the 84mm's of the Extreme once the Bridge is engaged it will hold much better through the turn. 

If you are willing to cough up a few more bucks the Dynastar Sixth Sense Spin would be IMO the best option for what you are looking to do.  It is as stiff as the Bridge but with the narrower waist width it will perform a bit better on harder packed conditions and in the park. The Spin is the replacement for the well loved Trouble Maker and has proven to be a big upgrade for this season.  Check it out on my site and Dynastars, it was one of the highest rated skis by freeskier this season.

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