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Atomic 9.22 Beta Ride

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Hey guys first post here.  I have received a pair of Atomic 9.22 Beta Ride  (not the s version) at a length of 180.  The bindings are Marker M8.2

Just wondering what information anyone could tell me about these?  How old roughly.. any info really.

I'm a decent intermediate skier   6'3  165 lbs.  Will these work for awhile, or should I look into different ski's?  (I'm in college.. so if you say "choose different skis" keep in mind on a very limited budget.)

Thanks in advance for anyone that can help.
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Well, Atomic made this ski around the year 2000, and I think they made them for about 3 years. May have been a year or two earlier, 98 or 99 when they first came out. I used to own a pair in 200 cm length. Not a good high performer on groomers, but a decent all around ski in it's time. Used 9.22 were popular with the tele crowd around here (southwest Montana), and I still regularly see them out on my home mountain. They were replaced by the 10.20/11.20 series I think. I used to own an 11.20, which I still see out on the mountain as well.

Heck ski them, and if you just don't like them find something else. I assume you got them for free. The only problem I had with them was the marker bindings on them. Can't remember the model, but they were total junk and had them warrantied a couple of times. So you might want to heave them checked out. Mine allowed my boot to move quite a bit before the ski started moving. Just a really sloppy connection.
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Thanks a lot for the reply.  I will try them out for while and see how it goes.  They do have marker bindings on them, which actually look in decent shape, but from your post it might be worth while to have a pro look them over.

Thanks again for the info!
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