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Fernie Info Needed

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I'm visiting Fernie, BC in early February for the first time and would appreciate information regarding the town and resort. 

In particular, I'm debating on whether to stay at the resort village or in town.  I figure I could save money by staying in town but would only want to do that if there is a town shuttle to the resort.  Also, if the town lacks character and the ski village is the place to be I'm not sure I want to stay in town either.  Money is a factor as well; I'm looking at something in the $150 range.

I would really appreciate any tips and advice.  Thanks!!

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The drive from town to resort is short and easy.  I always stay in town.  Fernie is a long way from anywhere so I'm presuming you have a rental car to get there.
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There is a shuttle bus to the resort that runs late into the night. Unless things have changed greatly since I last paid a visit 2 years ago, the resort shuts down fairly early and the main action is in the bars downtown. At $150 you should have no trouble finding a hotel/motel room off the mountain.


I'd strongly recommend Yamagoya Sushi if you are into fish. Fernie is a long way from the ocean, but this is one of my favourite sushi places of all time.

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 I also like the town of Fernie.

Fernie is my secondary hill, so I try to make it up as often as possible. If you want to meet up for a run or two, let me know.
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