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Fernie, BC Info Needed

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I'm visiting Fernie, BC in early February for the first time and would appreciate information regarding the town and resort. 

In particular, I'm debating on whether to stay at the resort village or in town.  I figure I could save money by staying in town but would only want to do that if there is a town shuttle to the resort.  Also, if the town lacks character and the ski village is the place to be I'm not sure I want to stay in town either.  Money is a factor as well; I'm looking at something in the $150 range.

I would really appreciate any tips and advice.  Thanks!!

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My ski bud and I stayed in town 2 yrs ago on our lst visit.  If I go back believe would stay on mt. somewhere.

Are you driving, flying ? Newfydog was in Fernie then (moved back to oregon) and gave us a tour which was great.  We mainly skied Lizard Bowl and the trees etc. in that area.
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Stay in Town!

There is nothing going on up at the hill.  Town is close, has some character, and yes, at there is a shuttle.  Check on that, it went through various permutations in the three years I lived there and I have not been up there yet this winter.

Pete would rather be on the mountain because he is a first in line type skier and not really a party animal, and just stayed a couple of days.  If I tried to stay a week up at the hill I'd go stark raving mad sitting around watching curling on TV.

Consider the Old Nurse's residence B&B.  Nice place run by friends in an elegant old building. If the shuttle isn't running Patrick will get you up to the lift himself.


 Stop by Kelvins Kitchen and tell them Doug and Cheryl sent you.
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Definite stay in town! The mountain is pretty dead at night and accomodation is so much cheaper in town.  There is a shuttle to the mountain as well as a really good "hitching post" just south of the southern bridge over the Elk River where people are always picked up pretty quick. 
  As far as skiing goes, try and hook up with a local to show you the ropes.  There are little gems all over the place that are much easier to find with a little insider knowledge. There is also a lot of traversing tricks a local could help with. The traverse skiers left through the curry bowl open up a lot of terrain and you can also drop into the lizard bowl from those. On powder days,  there are a lot of avi closures, so just lap the White Pass Chair (accessed from the timber chair) until cedar, lizard and curry open up.  Don't forget about siberia either.  Get off the timber chair and look left. There are two short hikes, one to the left that drops back into the timber bowl and one a little right that gives some extra turns into siberia.  Boarders don't like the ski out from siberia so the trees here are a good spot to look for fresh tracks a while after a storm.
  Good luck,  hope this helps. 
  By the way, bring fat skis!  
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