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Is Lindsey on Bode's skis?

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I was watching the Ennstal race yesterday and as you know Lindsey won .... hoot, hoot ... I like her ...

Being a little deaf and with wife hollering .... anyhoo ..... twice I thought I heard them say that she was on Bode's skis from last year ... any truth to that ... ???

The Austrians were heard to be beefing (eat schizzz Fritz ), that Lindsey is overweight ...

Answer (I think), from the other thread is that Stockli being smaller does not have the financial clout of the Austrian companies or Rossi.  Stockli usually has a few ...... in contention for the podium .... and then as they rise in the ranks Atomic will "buy" the guy or gal.  Stockli, had a few women in the upper ranks yesterday.  The last guy they had that was a threat was Ambrossi Hoffmann till he went with Atomic.
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They used to have Buechel, too.

According to Lewis and Porino, yes, Lindsey is now using men's (Bode's) skis in DH, too. May be a first for women's WC.

I have trouble believing they're the ultra stiff skis Bode had head build for him, though. I heard he had them put so many extra layers in some of those skis that they couldn't even put plates on them.
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