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Vail Adventure Sessions

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I'm new here and have been pouring over the forums... lots of great info.

I'm going to be in Vail at the end of February with a small group.  They're mostly novices and will be doing a lesson on day #1.  I've been to Vail a couple times in the past and am fairly familiar with the mountain, but was curious about the Ski School's new Adventure Sessions.  Is anyone familiar with it?  Sounds like a full day tour of the mountain, perhaps with some performance tips mixed in.

I was just curious if I'm going to get anything out of is--besides skipping lift lines (maybe that's worth $130 alone?).  I mean, I'm sure I could get something out of it but there's also the free orientation tour and I'm guessing there's some overlap in what you get out of it.  Just curious about anyone's opinions.

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I haven't done the adventure sessions, but Vail is a big Mnt- highly unlikely that they would give you tons of detail on a free orientation.  The Adventure Sessions might be worth it to you if you like skiing with a group, appreciate technical help and want to learn more of the mountain at a faster pace than you might on your own...enjoy either way. 
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I haven't done the Adventure Session, but my first day in Vail I did the free orientation.  Our group was led by a long time Vail resident (real estate guy...hard to believe) who was very friendly and knowledgeable.  We were out for about 3 hrs and then a few of us went to lunch on the mountain.

I ended up buying his lunch as a "thank you".  Best $15 spent in Vail

My advice would be to go on the freebie and then decide if you want to do the "pay for play" session the next day.

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