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PA did not suck today!

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I don't normally like to post TR's without pics but as I didn't have a camera and I was mostly alone, pics aren't going to happen.  This day was just too good not to share!  Seven Springs is going off!

Probably 30-40 inches in the last week and a half.  I skied tree runs today that probably haven't been skied in 20 years, if ever!  I'm not going to give out locations but if you're ever there during a big storm, most of them aren't hard to find.  Top to bottom tree runs, some of them a little tracked out but mostly fresh turns everywhere.  The Blitzen chair was closed so Alpine Meadows glades were untouched all day.  A short walk out through the parking lot was the penance for knee to waist deep BLOWER that nobody was touching.  Goosebumps was tracked out and starting to bump up down the middle but mostly untouched skiers right near the trees.  The frontside tree runs between avalanche/tyrol/stowe were all pretty skied off but if you poked around good snow could be found.  The liftline under polar bear was untouched all day and calling my name but I just didn't want to risk my job if I got caught, so someone else will have to pop that cherry.  I saw a guy on Brewskis riding the lift, pretty funny!  
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pics pics pics please sounds awesome!!!!!!
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Knowing that Seven Springs was claiming top spot in the nation for most accumulated snow I choose instead to head to Blue Knob. The Knob probably had less snow but the lure of skiing their natural shots, some not skied in about a decade (for me), just couldn't be resisted. It most definately did not suck but it was still Blue Knob. I skied just about all the gladed runs except Laurel, Boneyard and Mine Shaft which haven't been clean out in years. I opted out despite the tracks around the dense 5 year saplings. East Wall was nice, Shortway was smooth, few bumps until down low, passed thr usual srap and scratch about 3/4s down. As for snow making, Extrovert has the best coverge I've seen but Stem was thin. Edgeset had the softest bumps on the mountain. Even the kiddies were skiing Rt. 66.

If this keeps up PA may not suck at all this year.
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Here are some pics from 7 springs
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Nice!  I may just have to make my way there this winter.
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Wah... the cats in NY never gets this...
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Wow... 7 Springs look amazing. Last two years I had a season pass and there was just machine made.

I was planning to make my first trip of the year today  (Wed 1/13) before the melt, but had to stay close to wife and baby.  Looks like my first visit would be after the next melt and icing cycle.
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Skied Springs again today and conditions were great!  Sunny skies and 35 degrees!

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I skied Hidden Valley today, overcast, warm. I had fun in Cobra Glade and enjoyed the well packed natural on Viper and Charger. The proposed outback lift will offer some interesting dips and twist type terrain. HV is worth a day's ticket when the snow is this good.
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