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Where to get a good, reliable tune in Northern or Central California?

Based on experience over the last decade, I recommend in no particular order:

Snowind Sports, Hotel Grand Sierra, Reno.  Bud Heishman, owner, and expert boot fitter.

Tahoe Boot & Bike works, Heavenly Village.  Overnight tunes.

Bear Valley Sport Shop, Bear Valley Village (not the ski area itself), Bear Valley.

Canyon Lodge, Mammoth Mountain.  Finest ski tunes I've ever seen.  Adults with years of experience plus latest machinery.

Bad tunes?

Command Performance, Mammoth.  To be fair, the two very bad tunes I had there were not done by the owner, but by the hired hand, and that was back in '06.  Canyon Lodge at Mammoth fixed them, what a difference!

Any shop staffed by young, hungover, stoned, heavy-metal listening slovenly looking dont-give-a-damn kids.  AKA virtually all ski area tech shops and big box stores.  More than one pair of my skis have been destroyed by the above, don't let it happen to you.

Care to add to the list?