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12 steps to ski like a Pro?

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No one has an opinion on these videos?
Of course, forget the vacation thing...
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My opinion? Urska is hot!  The production value of these videos is first rate.

So far I've only looked at the first two steps. The demo skier is making nice carved turns. If the 10 steps get someone to ski like that, then that would be good enough to call "skiing like a pro" for me. But I'd prefer to see these turns made without all the vertical movement of the upper body. This is caused by a lack of counter and corresponding "foreagonal" movement into the new turn. Weight does go to the inside of the new turn, but here it must go up and over instead of "through". This would be a pretty fundamental issue to some folks, but I think the average skier would be more than happy to make turns like these.

The technical stuff seems ok with respect to the points they are making and the usefulness of the drills. It could be useful. However, it's not clear to me who they are targeting. I doubt the step 1 video instructions will turn a skidded parallel turn skier into a carved turn skier.

I could listen to Urska all day.
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