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To the top!

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fun day around stowe today, first time to top of vermont.

early in the day Eric finds his in the notch

after some various powder runs all over this guy calls me, this guy is Matt Roberts and is an awesome guy to hook up with if given the chance.

the newbie to this place was way impressed by what the top looked like

Rob's been rimed iced

Arewolfe hikin up marshmellow land

Rime Ice

Rob are we still in stowe? no actually we are in underhill on are way to cambridge.

Grubbers and some trees

Me and out fearless and highly skilled leader Matt on the top of Vermont...gaper photo I know but my first time up there.

Matt charges in the woods 

Grubbers in the winter wonderland

Grubbers slashes the little pow on top of nice soft base

Rob had an easy time finding good snow

Grubbers is better at finding the snow than rob

hopefully some helmet cam to come soon

see ya guys till next time.

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Great pics as always BWPA.  Thanks for showing us there's some good stuff here in the east, especially if you're willing to work for it.
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Great report as usual BWPA.  We'll miss you at the Gathering, but you look like you'r having a great time in VT.
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I'd say VT does not suck!
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