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2001 boots vs. 2010 boots?

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My wife is an intermediate skier, and mostly sticks to blue runs. We probably get out skiing about 5-10 times a year.

We have a limited gear budget, but we found her some new Volkl Attiva Luna's at a great price, with the matched bindings, so we grabbed them. Now, the only things left to upgrade are her boots, which are Salomon Evolutions from around 2001. (They are in excellent shape.)

The question is - how much of a difference is there between her older boots, and newer, similar-level boots? Has there been a big leap in design/performance/comfort that would make a significant difference to a skier of this level - enough to justify the cost of new boots?

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mofo83  welcome to epic ski,

modern boots have become more foot shaped (if that makes sence) the old evo boot was as good as it got at that level back when you bought it, but materials , boot shapes and boot comfort has improved vastly in the past 5-6 years, many of the newer boots even at mid range have well sculped shapes which give good hold around the foot which in turn will improve her comfort and help towards better technique. the most important thing is not to just go into a bix box store or a boot seller but get to a good boot fitter to have your wifes feet assessed and boots selected, take the guidance of the fitter when it comes to size, model and flex, consider a footbed of some type as a required part of the fitting process... there is plenty of boot fitting information in the wikis at the top of the forum, read through these and becoem an educated consumer, this way if the fitter is a boot seller rather than boot fitter you will be aware, there is also a list of fitters who participate in the boot forum, any one of us will do all we can to get you sorted out with the mot suitable boot
good luck and enjoy the forums
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That's sort of what I thought might be the case... now we just have to decide if a (pricey) new boot purchase makes sense, considering how infrequently we go. But at least I know that there has been a significant change since 2001.
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