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Beginner looking for Skis

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Hi my name is Peter

I've gone skiing twice and love the sport.  Looking to buy myself a pair of skis. Ability wise I can ski down most beginner trails okay using the wedge. Looking for a pair of skis to learn to carve with. Any recommendations? 5'5", 130 lbs and I ski around CA. Big Bear, Mountain High, Mt Baldy, Mammoth.
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Welcome to a fabulous sport that you can enjoy the rest of your life. You think you love it now? Just wait!

Here's the deal Peter.

Don't buy skis. At least not yet.  I'm going to predict that whatever you're comfortable skiing now will be way below your abilities by the end of this season, and certainly by the beginning of next season. The places you're talking about skiing all have great rental and demo programs, so you'll have lots of choices.

Stick with rental equipment this season.  If you've got your heart set on buying something, consider a pair of boots. But, I'll caution that, again, a boot that is comfortable for you now may be too beginner-level within a year. And, I'm going to guess that you might well outgrow them.

Your best investment right now would be lessons.
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In agreement with goblue.

/Predrag, continue renting skis and boots until you become an Intermediate.  If you're still doing the wedge to get down "most beginner trails", you're certainly still a fresh beginner.  You should not considering investing in any equipment (except a set of good ski clothing and accessories) until you can get down any-and-all Intermediate (blue square) trails by skidding.  Even then you should not consider buying skis yet.  At that point you should go to a reputable (that is, somebody recommended by an authority, or by consensus here) bootfitter and invest in a good pair of boots professionally-fitted to your unique feet.  From that point on you might find that you're ready to learn how to carve.  And at that point people will have a better answer for you in terms of buying skis.

Like I said, you can't go wrong with investing in high-performance winter clothing right now.  Not only will a nice waterproof/breathable shell jacket/pants (Gore-tex or comparable competitors) + gloves (also waterproof/breathable) + goggles + high-performance underlayer (merino wool, structured polyester, etc.) + helmet all contribute to making you much more comfortable, it will also improve your winter outdoors athleticism, which may allow you to improve faster.  Finally, much of this stuff is transferable to other activities, so it's multifunctional.
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Start out with some short parabolics....that claim to be alll mountain.
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Thanks for the suggestions! Since my budget is a bit tight at the moment, I suppose I'll stick with rentals for a while.  Dos anybody have any reputable rental places to recommend that are near  either Mountain High or Mt. Baldy in CA? Preferably a place that will allow the money I spend on rentals to go towards a new set of skis that I might happen to buy from them down the line when I get better.
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Look for demo days at a mountain near you. When you find a ski you think you like, consider renting for the season. Lastly, though I never owned a pair, when I was learning from beginner to intermediate I found the Head SuperShape to be incredibly skiable and facilitate the learning curve. Great ski. Have fun!!
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