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shell size good
liner size good (27/27.5)
foot shape: wide and fairly thick
foot size: one 1/2 size larger ....the right foot is shorter and is the one I am having some issue with.
I have skied the boot maybe 30 days now.....

one fits issues but the right I am continually having to play with to get comfortable and "snug". I have sole liners in both as well. On my right foot it seems I cannot get my heel nicely locked down. i have tried adding L shaped foam bits around my ankles and that helped some but the other issue I am dealing with is hgher up on my achiles. It feels like I am not getting a good snug fit despite how tight I have the buckles. I have played with the spoiler and that hasn't helped so I was thinking about adding some layers of moleskin or HD foam to take up some space without radically altering my stance (I must have chicken calves!). Length I feel is good, it is the volume around my ankle and calf that is causing me issues.
Any other ideas (short of making a 2 hr drive to vancouver or further to banff to see mtnlion!). Which may be a summer option....
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