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Instructing In France

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Have recently been having a discussion with a friend of mine regarding whether or not you can teach in France without taking the speed test. Can anyone give me the definitive answer as to what qualifications the French will accept for you to teach, how many years can you teach before you are required to take the speed test, and what factors affect pay.

Everyone so far seems to have different views, and I wanted to be able to give the correct answer.

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I thought that you could now.

Best bet for the answer is to speak to BASI

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What is the speed test?
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This might give you a bit more info...
From the Financial Times

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Wow, that is a big win for BASI! That Capa business was a scandal, I have heard some really amazing stories about that. I imagine that'll continue though, for non-BASI 1s who want to teach in France.
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So, WTFH, I guess you must have learned to ski in Meribel. I think you'd be a shoe-in for an organization called Ski Cocktail.
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Nope, never been to Merrihell.
Learned to ski in Saalbach (Austria), and Val d'Isere (France)

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