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snowboarding technique

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Ok so ive been snowboarding for a year now. I snowboard regular and when i go down the slopes my front leg left leg-foot is absolutly killing me. Im not comfortable on my board anymore. Can anyone give me some suggestions i ride a burton blunt.I Dont know if it is my binding if they are at the wrong angles or what?Is it my boots...if i have to ill buy a new board but maybe its just my bindings idk....could anyone give me some suggestion. Id say im an intermediate snowboarder.
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It could be a number of things.

What bindings are you using?  Are they suited to your riding style? 

What are your current binding angles?

What's the distance between your bindings?  How tall are you?  How long is your board?

What boots are you using?  How's their fit?  Does the flex of the boot match your riding style?

Is the board too stiff for your riding style?  Freeride = stiffer,  freestyle=flexier

It could be your riding style.  Get some movement analysis from an experienced instructor.  I see many snowboarders on the hill with a stiff front ankle and knee.  This forces boarders to turn the board using really inefficient and sometimes painful methods.
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Would you please also describe exactly where the pain is, what kind of pain (shooting, aching, tingly, numbing), if it happens on particular turns or after a certain amount of riding, if taking off your boots relieves the pain and how long the pain lasts after you stop riding.

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