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Hi All,
I’m going to be in Aspen between January 28 and February 6 (leaving for Jackson on the 7th). I’m travelling from Australia and staying in Aspen. In previous visits I’ve stayed with my family in Snowmass, but this year I’m travelling alone (my daughter is starting a new school and my wife a new job).
I’m doing a two day Clendenin camp on the 30th and 31st. And then I think I’ll do the four day Mountain Explorers program (my wife and I had a great time doing the same thing last year, and skied a lot of terrain we might not have taken ourselves to).
The last couple of days - weather etc. permitting - I might try to get myself on a cat tour and see and ski the other side of the mountain.
If anybody else is in Aspen during that period and wants to try to meet up for a few runs or a beer in town, let me know.
Anthony O’Shea.

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