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When is it time to replace old boots?

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  After not skiing for 10 years (marriage, work, kids, the usual reasons) I'm finally getting back into it now that my kids are all old enough to start real lessons.
    I've dug out all my old gear, and while my old NorthFace clothes are all fine, and my K2 4's are fine except for the laughter from the ski tech when I asked him to tune a pair of 198 cm skis, my boots may be a different story.

    Here's the problem:
    They are 4-buckle Tecnica TC3s from '95 or so, skiied on 75-100 days, then stored in a boot bag in the closet from January of 2000 until yesterday. 
    While they still seem to fit fine, the software, flexible plastic at the front between the two pairs of buckles has cracked and 1-2 square inch portions have broken off on each boot.  There are also 1-2 cracks on each boot from that area extending 1/2 inch or so down towards the nearer of the 2 buckles on the foot.  All the "hard" plastic around the buckles, etc. seems fine.

   Aside from the obvious risk of my feet getting damp from snow melt seeping in, is this sort of cracking of the soft plastic an indication that I should replace the boots ASAP so they don't explode on the slope, or can I just ski them and see if any moisture leakage is tolerable or not? 
   I'm concerned that the automatic answer if I take them to a shop selling new boots will be "buy new ones", and since these have always fit perfectly (with custom footbeds and liners), I'd prefer not to replace them unless I actually need to.


PS:  Forgot to mention, but I used to be a low expert skier (ungroomed prefered, not great at pure bump runs), 20-30 days per year.  After a 10 year layoff, who knows.  I'm skiing this weekend at Squaw, then in a couple of weeks going to Park City for a weekend, then President's Day week at either North Tahoe or Sun Valley, so I'd like to get the boots sorted out before February if I do need new ones.
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And for anyone reading this, I did end up buying a new pair today.  After putting the boots on, tightening them, and "flexing" back and forth in them, one of the cracks grew by about 2 INCHES, going almost down to the first buckle by the toes.  Even I know that's a bad sign, so it was off to the shop for a new pair.  Ended up with Dalbello Surges, which had the best fit after an hour plus of trying different things.  Not sure about the translucent plastic look, but that's Ok.

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Bob, blimey you move fast.....enjoy the new boots, very wise decision based on the crack in the old ones,
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Yup.  When it was just the soft plastic tabs around the tongue breaking, I hoped they could be salvaged, but when the "main" part of the boot started splitting I knew there was no hope :-(

The new Dalbellos seem pretty decent after 2 days on them, but I'll probably need some tweaking after a few more days in the boots.

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