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Jackson Hole February 7-16

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Hi All,
I’m going to be in Jackson Hole between February 7 and 16. I’m travelling from Australia (via Aspen) and it’s my first time in JH.
I’m doing the Steep & Deep camp from the 10th to the 13th, and will be skiing as much of the mountain as I can a couple of days either side of that.
If anybody else is around during that period and wants to meet up for a few runs or a beer in town later, let me know.
Anthony O’Shea.
BTW – Thanks to Bob Peters for the superb guide to skiing JH in the Wiki. Invaluable.
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PM me as you get closer and maybe we can take some runs over at Targhee.
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I will also be at the camp. I will be in on the 7th, and leaving the 15th

I am not renting a car.
We will be getting in at about 12:30, and will be going straight to teton village sports..
I think that makes 3 of us from here going..
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I'll be in Jackson from the 5-14th.  Skiing the 6-9 with my bro, then my bro is going home, so I'll be out there from the 10th to the 13th - meeting up with another bud.  Could be fun to see any of you guys out there though!  I was thinking about doing the S&D camp, but not sure if I can swing the extra $900 on top of my already expensive trip.

Anything really awesome about the S&D camp that you can tell me from experience?
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I've heard only good things about the Steep & Deep Camps. Also, being my first visit to JH, and being there on my own, I like the idea of spending four of my eight days with someone who really knows the mountain, and with a group of people who are obviously keen to see and ski the best terrain and snow.

I know when I've skied by myself or just with my family at resorts in the past I've tended to ski a lot of the same favourite runs over and over. I thought I knew Aspen Snowmass pretty well from previous trips, but last year I spent a week or so in various camps and classes and I skied some places that I didn't know were there and/or that I probably didn't think I could ski.

I kind of look at it as making sure I get the most out of the money I'm already spending.

LeeX - Who else from here is doing the camp?

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Hi, Anthony.

I'll be around so pm me as we get closer to your arrival.  I'll send you my cell phone number and we can try to hook up for a few turns.

Please start doing whatever dance or ritual they do in Sydney when they want it to snow (hell, I'd even take RAIN at this point).
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Kawo has said in other posts that he will be there.
I will be renting a car when I get there, and will be trying my best to get to skiing- in- Jackson when I get in, so he can check my boots, or fit me for new ones.
If that happens I will be skiing the 8th, and 9th, before the camp.. Hoping they get a little bit more deep before we get there.
If you want to pm your number, I will get up with you, and the others that are willing, and we can ski a few lines.

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Thanks Bob. That would be terrific. I was going to spend the two days before the S&D camp following - to the extent the snow allows - the sequence of runs in your guide. Sounds like Lee and others might be around on the 8th and 9th as well.
As for the Sydney snowdance... well there's plenty of rain we could give you, but I don't think we've seen much snow here these last 40,000 years, so the corroboree of the Eora people doesn't look like the right method.

Let's hope for all our sakes the Wyoming weather starts playing catch-up in the second half of January.
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I will be there with a group of 11 as well.  Skiing JH on the 7th, 8th, and 9th.  We are toying with the idea of cancelling one of those days at JH for a day at Targhee but at this point that still looks unlikely.

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Who's stoked!? Only a few more days!
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I know I am!  The next 4 days can't go fast enough.
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Getting packed......
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Same here!

Who's dropping Corbet's with me if it opens?

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Getting packed......
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Hi Anthony,

I'm also doing the 10-13 Steep and Deep and can't wait!

I'm arriving in JH on Monday 8th so happy to meet up before the course starts so ping me a note.

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