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Looking for a Pair of 1966/67 Fischer Alu Steel RS - Red Tops - Have Ski Will Buy

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 Know this is an insane request, but who knows. One of you out there might just have a pair in a basement somewhere.  I traded my pair in at Ausoni Sports in Villars sur Ollon in 1968 as part of a down payment for a new pair of Molitors. I've missed having them around ever since - Nostalgia!!!
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Oh, I like those. Remember the Fischer President's? Same vintage. And like $250 in 1967 dollars. Big money. My uncle skied in a pair of Molitors and I remember them well -  the ones with the cable buckle system. You know, there have been some pretty decent skis and boots made since then...like the '69 VR 17's.
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I have a pair of Fischer Alu steel skis.  They were purchased in Germany in 1967.  They are 200 cm in length and are blue in color.  The model number is 1782.  The bindings are marker turntables with longthongs.  They are well worn.
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Sorry. I was travelling and offline for a few days so didn't get to this. I am really looking for the Red Top RS model. That was the ski I raced on and the one missing from my collection. I had the Look Nevada toe combined with the Marker Roating Heel and Long Lanyards.  I think the blue top was a Slalom ski but I'm not sure.  How much do you want for them?
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I'm having a bit of trouble posting this message, my third attempt. I'll be embarrassed if all three end up here, but, I have a pair of Fischer Alu Steel 215 RS; the red tops. Excellent condition with Salomon Bindings.

I also have a pair of Fischer Super Glass 210 RSL with Look Nevadas. Also great condition, if a little dusty. I bought these skis in Austria in 1970, looking forward to 6 weeks skiiing in Leysin, Switzerland. Only problem, no snow! Beautiful mountain though. 

Still interested?
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 Hey Tagger:

Sorry - I was in Utah. Yes still interested. Do you have a picture and price.


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Matonieve - still looking? Found an old pair in the garage. Fischer Superglass RSL 205. Haven't been used in ages. A few rust spots, but they look decent. Pictures attached.ski 1.jpgski 2.jpgski 3.jpgski 4.jpg

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Are you still looking for a pair of Fischer Alu skis? I used to race FIS back in the 60's and still have my first pair.  205's w/Marker bindings.   See photo.


Fischer ALU skis 1966

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Looking for some old skis, I've recently found this wonderfull siteroflmao.gif.

Fischer Alu-Steel was one of my favorite skis : but I sure saw in late ' 60 a  black and silver version , Fischer President or something like that, am I wrong ?

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Sorry Roger - I was offline for a while with too much going on. I did find a pair exactly like the ones I had, from andother Epci member, Tragger, up at Whistler. His were 215's and mine were 205's. They arrived a week or so ago. I bought my original pair for the 66/67 season and had the original Look Nevada toes with the Marker Turntable heel.  Yours have a broader aluminum edging on them and the original Marker Rotomat without the D ring which came out in 1965, so yours may be an earlier version, or possibly a later version as the Rotomat with the D ring was only around for a couple of years vs. the one you have was made  up until 69/70.


Thanks very much though. I really enjoyed your pics!!



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Sorry - I've been offline for a while. Yes I do remember the Fischer Presidents - they were in the same class as Kastle Snow Kings and Kneisel White Stars - too expensive for me at the time, but a really great ski!  I did find a pair of 1967 Aul Steels in Canada, and bought them. Now all that is missing is the Marker Turntable bindings to go with them. Just gotta keep on looking.


Thanks for the info.





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I have a pair of Presidents   205's.  Just found them in my parents old shop. My mom said that my uncle used them like three times and then put then in the back of the shop in 1972.  They sat untouched the whole time.   I flipped them over and they are in real good shape The tops are in good shape but it looks like they clear coated them on the unpainted steel on the top edges. It is peeling off. My buddy said that is an easy fix...an airbrush guy could fix them in a heart beat. It is only noticeable if you get up close.  


  It has some binding with the straps....holy crap you guys were nuts back in the day....nothing like a ski hitting you in the back of the head while you are crashing...LOL.


  Anyway...what are these worth and I WANT TO SELL THEM....I have the aluminum poles too but they looked really used.


Any info would be great.





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I am looking for a pair of fisher president from the late 60's. Do you still have them and send me a picture to my e-mail address. sbc3245@aol.com Thank you

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Do you till have the fischer super glass skis E-mail sbc3245@aol.com Thanks

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Do you still have the fischer superglass skis? E-Mail sbc3245@aol.com Thanks, S Comfort

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Do you still have the skis would like them s.comfort E-Mail sbc3245@aol.com thanks

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Would like fischer superglass and alu steel in red. E-Mail sbc3245@aol.com Thanks S.C. Do you still have.

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This is my 5 time doing this hope I got it right. Looking for Fischer alu steel red top plus fischer superglass e-mail sbc3245@aol.com S.C.

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have skis

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I have a pair of Fisher ALU skis that I bought in the late 60"s, not sure of anything else at this point.  They have been sitting for 50 years in a building if interested?  They are mor burgendy and silver in color.

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To all:
I have a pair of Fischer president skis, clear aluminium top with red banding. Model 205 44928.

If there is any interest, email me at chi23483@gmail.com or call me on +61 408206467

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I've got two pair of presidents with the normal silver tops. Since they are like the red ones, but a different color I thought I might as well post on this thread. PM if interested. Thanks and have a great day!!

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I just stumbled upon a pair of red-top fischer alu steel rsl skis. Hit me up if interested!!

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I have a pair  that might be what you are looking for.  [mod note - edited personal info] Send me a PM.  [/end mod] My name is Ralph.

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Hi,  I'm looking for a pair of red or blue Fischer Alu's with Marker Rotomat bindings hopefully, but not necessary.  I have an old pair of Iser touring bindings with Rotomat heel pieces I could mount. on them.   For nostalgic reasons only. Remember them from being a kid when the first steel skis were hitting the slopes, and plastic boots.  Really want to get a pair, so if you have a price in mind I'd be interested.  I live in Victoria, BC , Canada. Don't know how much shipping would be, or where you are located.  I'd appreciate a reply with a price and maybe we can work it out.  My name is Brian, email is :  brianpage57@gmail.com  .   Hope to hear from you, maybe you can send a picture too?  Thanks a lot, have a great season.   Brian.

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Hey Vintageski808,  

 I'd be interested. I'm in Canada, Victoria, BC.  If you can send me a pic or two, and a price, maybe we can work out a price including shipping?  Email is brianpage57@gmail.com  .  Hope that works for you. Thanks a lot,  Brian.

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Do you still have the Fisher Pres.Alu skiis ? are they the red stripe on the edges with grey center steel if so get in touch..Aarne

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I only have fischer ALU RSL, which may not be exactly what you are looking for they are in this pic

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