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Chatter Creek Cat Skiing - Jan 1 - 5/10

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Hello all,

Just got back from my 4th annual trip out to Chatter Creek (Golden, BC) and I thought that I would drop a little trip report.

As I mentioned, I've been to Chatter 4 years in a row and it has yet to disappoint me.  This year, they received a lot of snow early and it shows in the number of roads that they already have in place.  It's still early season up there and they have over 2 meters of snow at the lodge.  Dale (lodge owner) said that this is the most snow that they have received at this point in time since they first opened over 10 years ago. In the week or so prior to our arrival, they had about 50 cm of snow, so everthing was set-up perfectly.

For those that haven't been to Chatter, the experience is first class all the way.  The lodge is a little more rustic and the atmosphere more laid back than some other operations, but in my mind it makes the experience better.  Food is fantastic and hanging out at the bar at the end of the day is a perfect way to cap a day of skiing waist deep pow.  Our guides for this trip were Andrew L and Sara, who showed us the goods day in and day out.

The avalanche hazard was slightly elevated due to a temperature inversion that most of the area had seen about 10 days earlier.  This inversion created a hoar frost layer that was very reactive w/ the 50 cm on new snow on top.  Our guide, Andrew, was setting off some small slides approx 40 meters wide by 100 meters long w/ a 40-50cm crown simply by ski cutting.  We did spend some of our time w/ the guides "clearing" some of the larger open areas of the accumulated snow to make it safer for skiers later in the month.  The guides handled all of this very professionally and at no point did I feel nervous about where we were and what we were doing, on the contrary, it was really educational to see all that went on.

Enough with the chit-chat, let's see some pics.  Chatter has a staff photographer that each group gets to spend the day with.  Dylan does a great job and makes everyone look like a rockstar.

Andrew (our gude) going deep

Andrew (our guide) getting deep.

Yours truly enjoying some snow in the trees.

Skiing snow this deep never gets old.

Coming up for air.

You can see some of the slide paths in this pic.

Cheers and enjoy,


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May I have more please????  Nice, I would like to get up to one of those BC outfits one day.
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Awesome stuff!  Great Pictures, I'll second Finn, can we have more pics?

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 wow... wish i had easy access to conditions like that! As it is, they're 000s of miles away!

one day i'll hae enough money to have as good a time as it looks like you're having!
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Ask and ye shall receive.

Andrew again

Aaoooooogaaa, Aaooooogaaa, Dive, Dive

Cold Smoke

Bob (70 years old) proving you're never too old to launch pillows on a deep day

Every skier who every dreamed of skiing powder needs a trip to a BC cat operation, but be warned, you will be hooked.  After my first trip my wife said to me, "This is going to be one of those annual things isn't it?" 
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NICE! and props to 70 y/o there's hope for me yet!  That's just awesome...
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looks fun
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