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New PSIA Alpine manual

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As many PSIA members know the new Alpine Technical Manual is finally available.

Today at the Rocky Mountain Academy Megan Harvey from the Alpine Demonstration Team made a brief presentation on the history and development of this new publication. For PSIA members she pointed out a really cool new service.

Go to our national web site- PSIA.org and log in. On the home page click on the "Alpine Technical Manual" in the "Member New's" box, this will take you to the Online Resource Guide. This page will give you brief overview of the manual. From there click on either the "Stepping Stones to Parallel Turns" or "Beyond Parallel Stepping Stones". This will take you to the appropriate page. If you then click on a particular stepping stone it will hyperlink you to archived articles on that particular subject. Be aware the site is still being developed and not all stones have the hyperlinks yet. It is really neat.

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cool, thanks. I wonder where my copy is. I ordered mine 2 weeks ago and they were supposed to ship it as soon as it came in.

I'll have to check out the website when I get back from the long weekend.
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PSIA just received the manuals from teh printer last week. They had to inventory them before distribution. I picked mine up in Lakewood today. Your's should be in the mail soon if not already sent.

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I received mine yesterday
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How do you like the redesigned web site?

Innovations there could be considerably bigger than the new manual.
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