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A lost ski

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I was skiing at Breckenridge the other week and managed to lose on of my skis when I fell (brand new Rossignol Avenger 70) Despite 4 hours of looking I couldnt find it and was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere I can buy just one ski and bindings? Anyone had the same problem before? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

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I would try to contact Rossi directly. I had a friend that lost a Volkl a few years ago and they sold him a used single ski that I think was part of a pair where the other ski was a warranty return.
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Did you talk with patrol?  Somebody will find it eventually.   
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If you lost it in powder I bet the ski is a lot further down the mountain than you think.

Talk to ski patrol, when I lost a ski in Fernie they were able to hook me up with a metal detector rental for a 12 of Kootenay Ale.

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tgr has a one ski or half a pair thread....

i lost a ski at alta.  the office there has a pre-printed form and they call you in the spring/summer when the hikers find them.
lots of surface rust but appeared pretty much intact

i'm fairly certain mine was much farther downhill than where i lost it as the brakes had a bad habit of not opening
even when the bindings did.  i did call fischer and they were willing to give me a reduced price, but i think it was more
of a sympathy deal, not an actual policy

good luck.
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