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My dad needs new skis, Help

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My dad currently has Nordica Beast 10s from 6 or 7 seasons ago. They are about 170 cm. Sidecut im guessing to be about 114:70:104. Basically, they are really skinny.

His skiing has deteriorated over the last few years. Hes pretty out of shape, and no offense to you old guys, but hes getting older. Will be turning 55 this year. Hes 210 lbs, 5'11" tall.

His skiing got really screwed up about 10 years ago when he had back surgery. The doctor nicked a nurve on his spine or did something careless and he does not have full function of his feet anymore. On his right foot, he cannot lift himself onto the ball of his foot, it is really weird to watch but he literally doesnt have control over those muscles. I guess that would be his achilles tendon that is out of wack.

He has a lot of trouble turning left from this because he cannot put pressure down on the outside foot. We like doing backcountry stuff. I dont know if you guys know the mott/killebrew canyon areas at Heavenly, but thats where we hang out. He can kinda do jump turns, but when i jump turn i carve into the snow allowing me some pop to help initiate the next turn. He just turns and slips down the mountain. He isnt getting that good rhythm that is important to doing that kind of terrain. I know this is mostly due to him being out of shape, and his foot problems, but i think the skis might be another cause.

So FINALLY to the point here, what would you guys suggest for a new pair of skis. Money isnt an issue, twin tip or not. One more thing to keep in mind is we do groomers too. He isnt a hard core multiple quiver skier. He needs something that can carve the blue runs too. So a 110 underfoot powder ski wouldnt be a good suggestion ; )

Are his current skis too short, 210 lbs on 170 cm skis?

Are they too skinny for skiing steep/deep ungroomed snow?

Would a flexy or stiff ski be better?

The skis i have in mind so far are either Nordica Hot Rod Jet Fuels, or Hot Rod Nitrous.

I love my Nordica Hellcats and they have made skiing powder and crud a lot easier IMO. He has loved his Nordicas too so thats why i was going to stay with the same brand. But like i said, im looking for suggestions here.

Thanks for reading through my huge post, i really appreciate your help. Its difficult for me to watch him get down the mountain sometimes because he gets so frustrated. I drop 500 vertical and stop to look up and see him lying on the snow at the top of the slope. He taught me to ski when i was little and its our favorite past time together. Even though i have a bunch of skiing friends my own age, i wouldnt trade a day skiing with my dad over anything. I really want to help him out here.
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It does not sound from your narrative like new skis will solve the problem. Given his physical limitations, he may well have to consider giving up backcountry skiing, and going to a shorter ski than even his 170's while confining himself to less challenging terrain and conditions. 

The skis you are considering as substitutes my well be beyond his current ability level, and would be more difficult for him to handle than even his current skis. If he does decide to spring for new sticks, something geared to solid intermediates rather than experts is going to be easier to handle and more forgiving.
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The Mythic Legend from Dynastar often comes up as a good Tahoe ski, and the reduced sidecut in the tail makes it easier to release in an old school method. something in the 170cm range would work. the Mythics come in a 178 or so. either the 178 or next smaller length should work. Too much sidecut on the Nordicas you mentioned make it very difficult to short swing turn, check turn, sideslip, and it sounds like that's your dad's kind of skiing. Check ebay etc, I found these for a friend at a killer deal.
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Contact Sierra Jim..  He will point U in the right direction...  Your dads need something to make skiing fun and easy on him, not more difficult..  The wrong ski could ruin everything..   

P.S.  Indicate that losing 10-15Lbs would help significantly....

 Good luck..
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Thanks for the replies. That was my only worry with Nordicas, they are geared for experts. So maybe a midrange K2 apache or the dynastars, I will check them out.
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