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Should I buy Salomon Elan SCX

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Need some advice on whether to buy these skis (Salomon Elan SCX for $129) from a used sports equipment store. I've not been skiing in years but renting equipment at $40 to $50 a clip is not affordable for me. Any thoughts on whether these would be a good ski for me as an person who can ski all trails (won't ski black diamonds just cause I'm a baby). Thanks - they're on hold till tomorrow night so any responses are REALLY APPRECIATED.

P.S. In case it matters, they're 153 in length. I'm 5'7", 134lbs.
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misheley, I made your post a new thread since you had posted into another persons question, and this one is kinda interesting.

Do you have any idea how old these SCX skis are?  They are practically historic in terms of pioneering the shaped ski concept.  I assume they have Salomon bindings; the ski is made by Elan.  Personally I think you could do better than a late 90s ski,.  I recommend you pass.
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Add me (+1) to Cirquerider's comment.  With a little fossicking around you can find yourself a fabulous pair of skis around that price which will be virtually new (if not absolutely new with warranty).  If you present the team on this forum with some stats and how / where you like to ski they'll provide you with ... ooh ... about 37 different types of ski that will be more suitable than a late-90's early-days-of-shaped-skis model.

Actually, the skis you're looking at may be priced for their historic value, being a pioneering ski as Cirquerider has indicated. Depends on their condition.
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 Damn fine skis. Best I ever owned. 
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What colour?

Red -  nicest of the lot, probably not.   

Yellow/black - not as nice, very probably not.

White or blue, white with charcoal  - just plain no.

For that price, you should be able to get a recentish (2002-2005) recreational slalom ski that will carve just as well and be more versatile in weird terrain like moguls.      For that price,  you should also be able to get a recreational short-radius all-mountain ski like an old Dynastar 4800 that will handle a FAR greater variety of snow and terrain than the SCX ever did.
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