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Got bit by a snow snake yesterday! Ouch!

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Was having a great day skiing yesterday.  No lessons so finally time for some freeskiing with friends after the crazy holiday rush.  As I was heading back to the lodge, I skied over a small icy spot with some ice chunks and suddenly I was skiing at a pretty fast pace on only my uphill ski.  I lasted for about 200 yards, but with a cluster of trees ahead I had to turn.  I guess I zigged when I should have zagged.  On my way down, I put out my arm a little to straight to brace my fall, and POP went my shoulder!    I tried getting my arm straight so that I or my patroller friends could help me get it back in, but the muscle spasms started and then the serious pain set in.  They were able to pop it back in at the hospital with the help of some pretty good drugs.  Amazing how much better your bones feel when they're where they're supposed to be. 

I dislocated this same shoulder 15 years ago when i was 8 mos. pregnant with my now 16 year old son.   Had surgery a couple years later on it and it hasn't bothered me since.  I plan on skiing back at work again on Friday, without poles.  I'll just have to limit my lessons to kids that can get up and on the lift by themselves for a while.

Anybody have a good instructor that they can recommend for me to take a few lessons from!  :D
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Sorry to hear that!  Good luck getting back on the slopes soon and hopefully it won't cause you too much trouble when you do.  

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