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Yes, fellow bears; Ullr may try and hide from me; he may try and change into bluebird days this year; but he can't do it all season long !

He's going to have to take a big dump in Tahoe sometime or many times this year and I'll be there in it !

Living in non-snowy, flat as my sister's chest Houston; Ullr doesn't come around here because there's no reason; so I'm out to hunt him down to ski knee deep in his dumpage at least once this season.

So far I have MLK weekend and the last weekend(with a bunch of fellow Houston ski-hunters) in January all set to hop the Southwest bus to Tahoe via Reno with President's day weekend next in the rotation if those two weekends are sunny and clear, all I need is Ullr to come out where I can nail him with my ski tips !

You will not get away Ullr, I have skis, goggles and snorkel packed, loaded and ready !

So, where are you taking Ullr out this year ?
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