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Simple ski tuning for recreational skiing:

I'm not a big fan of stone grinding especially on new skis as it changes the feel of the ski quite a bit.

Vise: I use one of those universal things that clamps to a table or workmate bench and uses friction to hold the ski. A heavy duty rubber band holds the ski brake up and out of the way.

File: 10 inch mill bastard file. For the side edge I use a file clamp, purchased from a ski shop that holds a full file and gives 1 degree bevel or 89 degree which is the same thing, just measured differently. For the base edge I use a collar that slips over one end of the file and gives a 1 degree bevel. After filing I use a fairly hard gummy along the sharp edge to remove file burrs. On shaped skis do not dull the tips and tails.

Waxing: An old steam iron from a second hand store works fine. Set the temp hot enough to melt wax but not smoke. Iron the wax in with several back and forth lengthwise strokes.

Scraping and polishing: For recreational skiing I do not scrap or polish. The first 50 feet of the first run will feel sticky but after that the friction between ski and snowpack will scrape and polish the ski for you.
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You always need a sidewall planer.  Get one.
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