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Where can I find moulded strapless pole grips?

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Where can I find moulded, strapless pole grips? The type that fits tightly around your glove,
and do not require straps. I have been hunting around and cannot find this type.

Any info you be appreciated.
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Those were popular back in the late 70s and early 80s.  Try looking in pawn shops and Salvation Army stores.
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You can also install Swix pole guards for a similar fit.
I say swix simply because the front part is wider and may offer
better contact with the gloves...
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I have some Scott grips and I've looked at the Swix thingies, and I don't think it'd be the same thing. The Scotts fit more snugly.

There might be a mom and pop ski shop somewhere that might have some. I found a pair at such a place a couple of years ago. Got 'em for $5. Othewise, it's like Rio said, or garage sales or swap meets and such.
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eBay, Criaigslist, Goodwill, Salvation Army, Thrift stores etc..
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My initial response, like the others: those haven't been made in 20 years or so, thus garage sales, or maybe eBay.

A quick look at eBay, however, revealed not just one, but two listings, for these, which have a possibly useless (and possibly ill-advised) additional feature:

FWIW, my vague recollection on the "saber-grip" poles of the '70s and '80s was that the ultimate common wisdom was, though they were introduced on the theory they were safer, that they were actually less safe than standard-issue poles with straps. I'm not sure that's exactly a definitive judgment, but something to consider.
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I used some of those years ago, but depending how fast you ski, you will drop them a lot.  I dropped mine too many times, and got tired of that!  I guess they were safer in trees compared to a strap.  Some poles have straps that will "break away" if caught on something like a tree, or lift.  I feel that is a better way to go.  If you just want them for hiking, then like they said, look at second hand stores.   If you live where there's a lot of snow, you could get lucky.
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I had some years ago.  Scotts.   Depending how fast you ski, they will be easy to drop.  I used to loose them all the time.  Then I got some poles with break away straps.  Problem solved!   Also, if you need to do some polling you cant push very well, as compared to a pole with a strap.  As for those ones with the built in flask, they are no good in my opinion.   Pure gimmick.  Good luck
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Oops.   The first one disappeared on me, then I did another one, and there was my first!  Oh well.  You got my point twice.
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If anyone has Marker Twincam pole grips or poles, I want them.
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