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Would you use this?

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Sorry if this was posted before

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Sweet! Id like one with a shot of some glades skiing.
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All depends what those buttons on the console to the right of the 'skier' do.

I'd want to change the skis to a slightly straight, fat model, too.
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There is so much yes in this picture. Yes.
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Looks like the olympic ski jump facility at Happo One in Nagano.  The buttons do all sorts of things, from adjusting the temperature of the seat, to triggering the 'butt blaster' and associated jet of warm air afterwards.  Then you just have to work out how to flush the darned thing, which can be any of 100 ways in Japan.
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They should have this at an actual ski jump.  I'm sure losing a pound-or-two right before the jump will allow for a better glide.
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It will come out easier, thats for sure.
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 If they had a parachute in the tank then I'm all for it.
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