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Hey all,

Here's the plan, 4 adults(2 couples) from the finger lakes region of NY, flying into and out of Calgary are scheduled to hit Revelstoke, Kicking Horse, Whitefish(Big Mtn) and Fernie, in that order.  Big drive time and we are prepared for that(as much as we can be :-). Itinerary is fairly rigid, bunking in Golden the first two nights, planning to drive to Revy first morning and return that evening back to Golden and ski KH the next morning and driving to Big Mtn that evening (thats gonna be the longest stretch of driving and again, as prepared for that leg as we can be..) 3 days and nights in Big mtn as we have friends there and will be looking forward to some settled time there.  Fernie on the last day(drive up from Whitefish that morning) with a final destination that day being a Calgary hotel to fly out the next morning. Whew!

Ive been able to get most of my questions answered already but I am interested in a Breakfast place in Revy?

Actual drive time between Golden and Revy? Gmaps is coming up with 2hrs?

Anybody make the drive from Golden to Montana lately, will there be gas available during the evening hours?

As far as the skiing (thats why we are going after all) I expect better snow at Rev than KH, but similar terrain and we will be considering BC if the conditions warrant looking out the back gate (we'll have avy gear, but won't be considering Rogers pass due to the two gals not wanting to hike too much, lift serve only).  Two of the group were at KH about 5 yrs ago so they are somewhat familiar with the terrain, but for the most part we will be exploring at Rev and KH.  When at Big Mtn we will be with folks who know that mtn well, and Fernie has been visited a few times by the Montana group as well as our group, pretty much know what to expect there. Good snow up top!

All in all we are pretty wound up for a good trip, looking to fill in a couple missing pieces.  Thanks for any advice you may want to offer!