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Vail, Breckenridge, and which other mountain?

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We are going to on a 3-day trip at the end of this month, and so far, we're planning to go to Vail and Breckenridge. Where should we go for our third day? Right now, I'm leaning towards Beaver Creek since it's one of the more famous ones. I'm an East coast intermediate skier who likes groomers in general. Last year, we went to Snowbird and I was struggling most of the time. I did like Brighton a lot though because of the lack of crowds and excellent conditions. Our group consists of both skiers and snowboarders, intermediate to expert level. Which should we choose among Beaver Creek, Keystone, and Arapahoe Basin? What are the pros and cons of each? Thanks!
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I am from Fort Collins Co and ski all the nothern resorts and I would choose Copper Mountain as a third for what you indicated you like. (unless you want to make a trip to Steamboat which is about 1.5 to 2hrs from Vail area) Copper has a good supply of all levels of terrain including long groomers ranging from green to black pitch and is divided nicely so that your groups can pick an area of the mountain and get most of what they like without having to travel around the mountain too much. The snow this year is not real plentiful yet so some resorts have more terrain open than others. Copper seems to be consistenly better than Keystone and offers much more terrain than A-basin for the intermediate.
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Vail Resorts sells a three-day ticket which is good for two days at either A-Basin, Keystone, or Breck and one day at Beaver Creek or Vail.  That could be your best deal.  Check www.breckenridge.com for details. 

A-Basin is good on sunny days but bad in whiteouts, as it is mostly above timberline. 
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First choice - Copper.  Then Beaver Creek, then A-Basin.  Last choice - Keystone.  Loveland and Winter Park could be options on your last day as well.
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 Given that the 3-day pass doesn't cover Copper, I think the choice would have to be between Beaver Creek and A-Basin. Any insight on the conditions this weekend? We are going to Breck on Friday, then Vail on either Sat or Sun. Beaver Creek would turn out to be about $30+ more expensive than A-Basin so not sure if it's worth the premium.
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IMHO, don't let $30 make the decision! Since you're traveling from the East, what's $30 in the grand scheme of things?
There's really good stuff at BC and good stuff at A-Basin. BC is definitely worth a day,(mostly trail skiing as compared to the wide open spaces at A Basin). Vail is crowded on Saturdays, we usually skip that day of the week on our vacations. The others are absolutely right about Copper...GREAT mountain, (but not included in your Vail resorts pass).
Have fun...it's certainly better than here in the East.
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The farther west you go, the less crowds on a weekend. Beaver Creek.  Varried terrain and stuff for everyone.

I love copper as well, but you will get more weekenders at any of the closer resorts (Copper, AB, Breck, KS, etc.). 
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We "ski" the hot pool at Glenwood Springs on Saturdays. No lines.

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 As a groomed run blue skier I think your best bets are Vail, BC, and Breck . Keep Keystone in mind if they end up with great conditions as an alternative.
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I like to bag new-to-me ski areas as much as the next guy, but you know you could spend a month at any one of the aforementioned ski areas?! They're all great.  I find the second day at a place I've never been to before to be exceptionally rewarding since I now know a little of what I'm looking for. BTW, there is some really nice stuff at Keystone for your ability level, including night skiing if you wanted to fit some of that in. Why only three days, you'll just be getting your lungs back when it's time to go?
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Originally Posted by krystle920 View Post

Last year, we went to Snowbird and I was struggling most of the time. 

Based on THAT comment, I'd suggest giving A-basin a miss.

Keystone might be more "friendly" for your level, albeit not my personal favorate. Beaver Creek would be fantastic!
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I recommend Beaver Creek and suggest you take the free mountain tour that starts at the top of the Centennial chair (#6) at 10:00, I think. Lasts a couple of hours. They only go on greens and blues and it's a great way to get a lot of skiing in without having to spend time trying to figure out where you want to go and how to get there. Then after lunch you just go back to the places you liked best.

It's $33 to park in the upper village. But you can park for free in the Bear Lot in Avon on hwy 6 and take the free shuttle bus to the village.
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