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Steamboat skier missing

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I hope most fervently this ends well.  It is snowing steadily in Steamboat this morning with several inches overnight which cannot make things easier for SAR.
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With all the snow they have had there recently, it would be very easy to take a spill and not be able to get yourself out.  We were there with friends over New Years and the powder was very deep in places.  Tree well danger was very high.  Thoughts and prayers that this turns out OK.
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More info, makes the recent tree well posts all the more timely.
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Yes, best of thoughts and prayers to all.

It aways sounds like overkill but ski within a line of site of a partner and carry a whistle. Don't leave the slow guy behind.
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The body was recovered today. Very sad...
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Oh, that's terrible, Very sad and a terrible thing.
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So sorry to hear this.  Keep an eye on your buddies and expect them to do the same for you. 
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23 year old Woman. Was a ski instructor at ABasin. Fell into a tree well in Christmas Tree Bowl.

What a shame.
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Tragic. I have a niece and her friend who are skiing in Steamboat right now.  Although by the description and location I knew that it would not be them, when I first read this I still had to call my brother this morning to make sure they were safe.  Thoughts and prayers to the family and friends.  Ski with a buddy and SEE your buddy.
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That sucks.
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I know exactly where  she was in Christamas tree bowl, fun tree run..  Steamboat use to be our New Year spot for several years, Very Sad..  It can happen in an instant, I fell into one two years ago in Deer Valley, not that deep but scary..  My brother was behind me luckily and helped me out...  Tore my calf however, but could have been worse...  Thoughts & prayers.....
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I've skied and ridden Christmas Tree Bowl.  I've also been caught in a tree well at Steamboat.  My siblings pulled me out.

My thoughts and prayers are with her family.
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Originally Posted by Lars View Post

23 year old Woman. Was a ski instructor at ABasin. Fell into a tree well in Christmas Tree Bowl.

What a shame.
This is all over the local news.  Turns out she was from Cedar Michigan, not far from me :(
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 Sorry to hear. It shows how much respect tree wells need when accomplished instructors loose their lives. 
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