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Boot cuff alignment

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With all the talk about alignment and footbed issues, nothing much gets said about the upper boot cuff. In fact, most shops I've been in don't even think to address it. It seems to me that if the upper boot cuff isn't adjusted to the curvature of the lower leg, than it could definitely affect how the person maintains a neutral stance. Back in the old days, most boots had a fixed hinge point on the inside of the upper boot cuff. All you had to do is loosen the outside boot adjustment, flex into them a couple of times, tighten up the adjustment screw, and you were good to go. But nowadays, with the dual pivot point settings, where both the inside and outside have adjustments, it makes it a little more difficult to find the neutral point to start from. Is there any magical formula for dealing with this adjustment that you can still do yourself, or is this something that is better addressed by going to a shop and having it done by a pro?
Thanks in advance.
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this is somehting we set as standard, the best way to do it is to have the customer stand in the shell of the boots on thier footbeds centred in the shell, the cuff is adjusted by whatever adjustment it has to get the shell to sit with the leg in the centre...equal gap between the leg and the shell on both the medial and lateral side...only then can you begin to assess how much additional work is required
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