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Dynastar Contact 4x4

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I've got my eyes set on a pair of Dynastar Contact 4x4, in a 184 cm length. I'm 197 cm tall, weighing in at about 109 kg (athletic). I should mention that I'm a beginner, mostly hitting the groomers. I like to do it all, including going relatively fast downhill. After reading numerous reviews and posts like the ones in a thread in this forum (http://www.epicski.com/forum/thread/66258/2009-dynastar-contact-4x4/90), I'm pretty much convinced this is the ski I want. I do have a couple of questions I'm hoping I can get answers to by posting here.

First and foremost I'm wondering whether or not the PX12 Fluid binding will hold me? I was told from the experts at www.sport-conrad.com, I should have bindings with a higher DIN range because of my weight and height.

Do any you guys have a word of advice regarding this? Will I be fine with PX12 Fluid? Anyone about my size have any experience with these bindings?

I was also recommended maybe not buying this ski, as they thought it may be too soft for me. This doesn't really seem to be an issue for those who have these skis, though, reading through the posts in the thread mentioned above. Any views on this?

Considering the fact that most of the skiers choosing this ski seem to choose the length to be a bit shorter than what they would normally would prefer with other skis, would 184 cm be a good length for me?

Finally; any views or advice are welcomed! Even those not directly related to my question. ;-)

I'd be very grateful for any reply!

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If you said you were 6'5" and 240lbs AND an advanced skier, I'd say you had the right ski in mind. But for a beginner, well, that's a LOT of ski. I think you would want to get something more forgiving and perhaps a bit wider till your skill set improves. You don't say were you normally ski so I don't know if you are talking firm snow or soft.

And yes, for your weight and ability a 12 DIN binding would be more than enough.
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