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Beaver Creek Ski Instructor

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I am hoping for a recommendation of a skiing instructor at Beaver Creek Resort that can work with me on my moguls skiing. I'm 52 years old, in pretty good physical shape and am told that I am an advanced intermediate skier. I'm wondering if I shouldn't look for a slighty older instructor who may lean towards skiing the bumps in a slightly less aggressive, more ease of motion fashion than say a 21 year old instructor might offer (nothing against young instructors!). Sure would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions that you might have! Thanks!

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Give Eric Lipton a try. PSIA demo Team, I had him as an instructor in Chile this August. He is truly outstanding. If you are interested PM me for his info.  Otherwise, you can request him at the school.
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Did Eric move here? Last time we spoke he was still working back East.
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I'm new to this site, so it says that I have to post three times before I can PM. This makes number 2!
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And number 3
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Originally Posted by justanotherskipro View Post

Did Eric move here? Last time we spoke he was still working back East.

Eric was supposed to be teaching clinics at Winter Park this week but had to cancel due to a family emergency.
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PM sent!
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Eric was at the Beav' but returned home to PA. I spoke with him yesterday, he will be back to the Beav in March. 

Another great guy up there is Ross Taylor, anyone know him? I heard he was back this season after getting in the visa jam last season 
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You might want to give Joanne Yankovich (vera on Epic a try.


From the Epic ski instructor list:

EpicSki Username Real Name Resort/Location
vera Joanne Yankovich Vail /Beaver Creek
Certification Level III & Children's Accreditation
Specialties All ages: adults, children, families. Bumps, breakthroughs, confidence or past injury issues.
Comments 17 years ski teaching. Outward Bound instructor, course director. SKI Top 100 instructor, 2003.


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