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Dear Boot Gurus,

I need foam. 

I just this last weekend broke out my last new pair of Atomic 11:50 Foam Race boots out of the box (4th pair ... they work and I know what I like).

I understand that Atomic hasn't made foam for years so I'm looking for a way to use the stock Atomic liners with whatever foam I can get my hands on.  The liners are the standard two tubes in, and two out at the toes.  They do not have a foam tongue like conformables.

I know the compatibility between the foam cannisters and the caps on the hoses will probably be an issue, but I have an awesome set of tools, and I'm sure I can come up with a solution ... I'll cross that bridge when/if I can get the foam first.

So, can anyone tell me where I can get my hands on some foam?  Will a shop like Surefoot, or similar sell me just the foam?

Thanks in advance for any all all input.