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A friend and I had planned a long weekend over new years for the first trip of the season.  Our original plan was to hit Loveland to avoid the holiday crowds.  As the time drew nearer, i kept checking the snow report and there was just not much new or open at Loveland. 

On Wednesday, the night before we left, we decided to head to Wolf Creek as they had a 80 inch Base and 189 inches YTD.  What a great decision.  Neither of us had skied Wolf Creek, and we were excited about that.  One of the locals told me Friday was busy, but I could not tell.  The longest we waited in a line was five minutes. 

I overheard another local complaining about all of the bad Texas and Okie skiers.  Again, I could not tell and did not have any issues with road blocks.

The snow was perfect.  Friday was two days after a huge dump and there was plenty of fresh shots to be had in the trees and on some of the steeps.  The bumps were nice and soft as well.  We spent quite a bit of time under the Alberta Lift and the Alberta Face.  Both of these are great areas to explore. 

Saturday was less crowded than Friday and the place seemed empty at times.  the weather was perfect both days.  Blue skies with no wind and not too cold.  forgot the camera the first day.  I took four pictures on the second before the batteries ran out. 

Wolf Creek is one of the best places I have skied.  The layout is not difficult, the food was good and cheap, and the snow was perfect!  We are definitely going to make this an annual excursion. 

The powder remnants three days ofter a storm.

Looking up the Treasure lift.  The Alberta Face, to the left, was a blast.

I think this was called Treasure Falls.  A neat little steep face. 

A view from the top